India will get renewable energy from Sri Lanka – State Minister Duminda | Daily News

India will get renewable energy from Sri Lanka – State Minister Duminda

Renewable Energy Resources Development State Minister Duminda Dissanayake said that there is a high possibility of transmitting electricity to India from Sri Lanka in near future. He said that Mannar will be the hub of wind power Generation before long.

“Already 33 wind turbines along Mannar costal belt generate 110 MW electricity. Another 350 Mw will be produced in the near future. The Mannar District has a huge potential for harnessing wind power and solar electricity and the surplus of renewable electricity will be transmitted to India via Dhanushcoddy,” the State Minister said.

“Bilateral talks between the two countries have commenced in the recent past on sharing electricity even before Mannar was earmarked as a suitable location to promote renewable electricity generation. India will use our renewable energy to meet its electricity requirement,” he said.

“The sand deposits in seas between Danushcoddy and Mannar called ‘Adam's Bridge’ will make it easy to transmit renewable energy to India from Sri Lanka,” State Minister Dissanayake said.

“The Adams Bridge has been inspected recently by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). The country will receive 80 per cent of its power from renewable energy by 2030,” the State Minister said.