‘Think twice when electing politicians’ | Daily News

‘Think twice when electing politicians’

The Tamils in the North should think twice when electing their representatives to Parliament as most of those politicians elected so far have hoodwinked the public for their own perks and privileges and not to serve the public in return, said Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda.

He said further it was observed that, in present-day politics, politicians who are misleading the public at their best, and spending more money to gain political attraction and more votes at the elections stay long in the field. He added that they believe in spending more money at the elections for gaining more votes than qualitative and decent politics.

Speaking to the Daily News about politics in the Northern and Eastern regions, the Minister said in the North there were reports that certain politicians were in the practice of intimidating and threatening the state officials which he never would approve nor he was engaged in abusing and using the political powers to intimidate officials and the public.

He added that the Tamils being hoodwinked have voted liars, cheaters, corrupted characters and sent them to the Parliament with or without knowledge. “The present unpleasant situation in the North was a consequence of this episode which needed drastic action to thwart the same,” Minister Devananda reiterated.

He added that most of those politicians have no genuine need to serve people hence the people’s problems remain unchanged. Those politicians use various tactics to rob the people’s votes and also throw money to attract some other votes to get into the Parliament. Thereafter those MPs work according to their own agendas which are totally against the wishes and the aspirations of the people. However, the hoodwinked-people continue to vote and send them to Parliament. He added that this is the time for them to think wisely.