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Anika: the inspirational young tennis star

Anika  with the National singles trophy
Anika with the National singles trophy

Full Name- Anika Chloe Seneviratne

Home town- Colombo, Sri Lanka

Birthday- February 23rd

Passions- Horses, Theatre, Music, Film, Dance

Favourite Colour – Bright red and peacock blue

Tennis star cum number one ranked Anika Seneviratne of Ladies College won the women’s open singles title at the 105th Nationals. This was her fifth women’s singles National title. She had won her third Clay Court Nationals title in September and also has One Hard Court National title previously. She has also won four National Doubles titles and five Mixed Doubles titles. Today we go Off the Field with this dedicated Sri Lankan young tennis star Anika Seneviratne, who is an inspiration to all young tennis players.

Q: What made you enter the world of sports?

Ever since I could walk, I’ve always been an active person who loves playing any kind of sport. I also come from a family of sportsmen and sportswomen, so I was constantly encouraged to play many different sports.

Q: Who has supported you most?

My Sister and my Parents.

Q: What do you do for fun?

I love watching movies; I also go bowling and play badminton with my friends. In general spending time with my friends is the funniest thing I can do.

Q: What are the top priorities in your life?

Looking out for the people closest to me and speaking out against injustice.

Q: What was your most unforgettable memory/incident?

Winning the All Island inter-school netball championships in 2019. It was something my whole team had dreamt of for years and no one ever expected us to win. When we did, it was by far one of the best experiences of my life.

Q: Who is your favourite sports star?

Serena Williams

Q: What’s your favourite holiday destination?

The Bahamas

Q: Who is your favourite singer?

Taylor Swift

Q: What is your favourite song?

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

Q: If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

Go to the beach/Disney Land with my friends.

Q: Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

I don’t like comparing myself to anyone and I don’t think I ever have.

Q: What’s the best compliment you have received?

People often tell me that I’m good at making them laugh, and that makes me really happy because I absolutely love the idea of making someone smile.

Q: Are you happy with all your achievements?

Yes, I am. I feel extremely blessed.

Q: What’s your favourite movie?

I have so many but if I absolutely had to pick one it would be Runaway Bride.

Q: Who’s your favourite Actor?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Q: Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

I believe I am doing what I believe in. My personality is such that I very rarely settle for anything, I much prefer to go after what I think I need rather than settle for what I can get.

Q: How would you describe yourself in two words?

Enthusiastic and entertaining.