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Govt’s third anniversary:

Over 12,000 health camps, 5,000 export villages

The Social Welfare and Primary Industries Ministry will commemorate the third anniversary of the government on August 15 by conducting 12,000 health camps and building 5,000 export villages during the ensuing year.

A ministry release said the 12,000 health camps would be held on the basis of 1,000 camps per month, covering divisional secretariat divisions in all districts. The health camps themed Dayawe Mehewara, will include western and ayurveda clinical examinations and the provision of prescribed medicines, as will as the distribution of spectacles and eye lenses.

The release said the 5,000 export villages would be set up to cover all divisional secretariat divisions and would be devoted to the cultivation of mango, katu anoda (Anona Muricata), herbal plants and agricultural crops with the accent on exports and increasing the gross national income.

Minister Daya Gamage said he is consulting with Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa to probe the possibility of allocating two houses in each new housing village to two disabled families in the area. Concurrent to the programme, the ministry would continue the distribution of 100 million (crop) saplings throughout the country.

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