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Don’t let litter hamper booming tourism industry


My wife and I have just had a wonderful couple of weeks in Sri Lanka. Lovely, kind, gentle people delicious food, a super mix of top class cultural, religious and wildlife things to see, and a slow and clanking bus and train service which is nevertheless cheap and reliable, great fun and the best way to enjoy you superb scenery. We have stayed in simple guest houses, colonial piles and even a tree house. All have been first class.

So when I return home the first thing I will do is tell all my friends this and encourage them to visit Sri Lanka?

Sadly not, I will tell them about the litter, the rubbish, the mess. A carpet of paper and plastic that is carpeting and choking your beautiful land. And its endemic, its everyone, even the smartly dressed, smartly phoned, who so obviously take great pride in themselves, show no pride in your greatest asset, happy to toss their unwanted garbage from first class carriage windows or air conditioned cars.

I do not write to criticise.

I can see a tremendous amount of work and progress in Sri Lanka. I write in the hope that sometimes, hearing what you already know from someone on the outside may encourage a re-evaluation of your correct policies in this area.

Otherwise, I do worry that one of your most important industries, tourism, will suffer.

It's already out there on social media. I do hope that you do something before it's too late.

David C Morton


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