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Passed out graduates denied SLMC registration:: ‘Give us a chance, we will prove our mettle’


A passed out graduate of the first batch of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM), Tharindu Ruwanpathiranage said, “We are ready to prove our competence at a fair examination conducted at any place at any time on any date.

He said so, speaking at a press briefing at the SAITM in Malabe on behalf of his batch of students who had been denied of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registration.

He questioned whether foreign medical graduates were allowed to practice in the country after sitting for the examination for registration to practice medicine (ERPM), the ‘Act 16’ exam and if so, why not provide them a chance to prove their competence at a similar exam.

He also expressed his faith that they would be meted out with justice by the Court of Appeal. “We have obtained a standard education and we are ready to prove it. As we have completed the degree, our next requirement is to obtain interim training for a period of one year.

“If the Consultants we are placed under during our internship are dissatisfied about our performance, they could fail us from internship training. This is a matter concerning our lives and also our future.

“This is no joke. Let us prove how quality doctors we would be and provide us a chance to serve this country,” he stressed.

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This is a real open challenge to the parties opposing the new batch of young graduates passed out recently from SAITM. It is the correct thing to do to tests the quality and knowledge rather than giving false allegations. The SLMC and the GMOA would not agree to this type of challenge as it will disprove their false comments. It is the time for the health minister and the education minister to get together and get involved to find a solution. Still we believe the judiciary of the country will do its best to establish justice !!!

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