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Maha Sangha welcomes move to release elephants

The Maha Sangha yesterday thanked and commended the government for releasing several tame elephants an integral part of the Perahera culture.

These elephants were detained during the period of the former government.

The Maha Sangha pointed out that there were various challenges to Buddhism and Buddhist culture from time to time and pointed out that there were elephants associated with the perahera culture since ancient times and that it was the responsibility of the government and the monks to protect those animals.

The Maha Sangha at a media briefing held at the Gangarama Temple yesterday (09) expressed their gratitude for the circular issued by Wildlife Minister Wimalaweera Dissanayake on August 19 under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance on elephants and tame elephants. The Chief Incumbent of the Gangarama Temple, Prof. Kirinde Assaji Thera said the Circular was a timely move to solve the issue.

He said the monks and the elephant owners of the temples in charge of the elephants had spent large sums of money and that the elephants as well as those in charge of them faced greater hardships. Ven. Assaji Thera said all stakeholders should work together to prevent such mishaps from happening again.



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