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Mathilda Karlsson’s Olympic dream shattered

Mathilda Karlsson competing in her event. Pic by Prince Gunasekera in Japan
Mathilda Karlsson competing in her event. Pic by Prince Gunasekera in Japan

TOKYO, August 3 – Sri Lanka’s last hope at the 2020 Olympic Games faded away as Mathilda Karlsson was eliminated from the equestrian competition, failing to clear the eighth hurdle at the Equestrian Park in Setagaya-ku in Tokyo here today.

Germany-based Karlsson came on her horse Chopin VA as the 13th competitor in the jumping individual qualifying round but her action lasted for only until the eighth barrier.

The misfortune first struck her in the sixth jump as her horse Chopin VA failed to clear it first.

However, they fought back again and cleared the sixth and seventh hurdles.

Having taken the only refusal by horse allowed at the sixth jump, Chopin VA made the costliest blunder when it was attempting eighth and with it shattered Karlsson’s Olympic dream.

Despite running with one of the most expensive hybrid horses in the competition, Karlsson had to pack her baggage with shattered dreams.

“Obviously we are very disappointed at this time. I just came out of the ring and I was expecting much more. I have one of the best horses in this competition. In this kind of big event, you're not allowed to make any mistakes. It was definitely my mistake to put too much leg into the triple bar before we made the mistake," Karlsson told Sri Lankan media immediately after her debacle.

“Because he went so high and he lost his balance. I know that happens when you put too much on your leg. You get a little in the moment and you want to do the best you can. After that there were five strides, I should have done six, but it's a millisecond where you can decide what to do," she added.

“I opted to go with the five, because that is what it should be. I was too far away and after something like that happens, it's just impossible to get going again," said Karlsson who created history by becoming the first Sri Lankan to compete in equestrian in modern Olympics since the year 1900.

“Nevertheless, I am really happy how he jumped and the manner in which he showed the world that he definitely belongs here. The experience that we got at the Olympic level is absolutely amazing and I am so proud to even be here. I have to say I already feel like a winner, just stepping to the Olympic arena," she added.

“It's a big deal. This was my first championship. I went straight away to the Olympics. Normally you go to the Asian Games and World Championships to get the elevation to the Olympics. But with the experience we got from here, I know how we could do things better," she concluded.

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