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More plastic, polythene items will be banned - Minister

Some of the items to be banned.
Some of the items to be banned.

The Environment Ministry will add several more items to the list of banned plastic and polythene products which are deemed harmful to both the environment and human health.

The new items to be added to the list of banned plastics and polythene products are single use straws and stirrers, single use spoons, forks, knives including yoghurt spoons, shopping bags, grocery (sili sili) bags of less than 10 (w) x5 (G) x17 (H) inch made of plastic or polythene, plastic string hopper trays, packings of incense sticks and wicks using polythene material, plastic garlands, plastic cups and artificial grass mats.

A discussion was held in this regard by Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, the Ministry’s media unit said. Although it was earlier decided to ban lunch sheets, the decision was not implemented for various reasons. But the environment minister said he had decided to re-implement the decision. Measures have also been taken to ban plastic bottles under 400 ml.

The decision to ban artificial grass mats, which are common in various hotels and restaurants, as well as in some religious places, was made despite the potential for them to quickly turn into micro plastics. The Minister further stated that the use is causing great harm to the environment.

“We can easily grow some natural grass. Experts have even concluded that it is best to walk on the ground at least a few times a day for a healthy life. None of us know but the greatest doctor in the world is the earth. People who live with the earth are less likely to get sick.

Therefore, even in a place of worship, it is not advisable to use these artificial grass coverings in the yard”.

“For hundreds of years people in our country did not go to places of worship on blankets but without at least sandals on their feet. You have seen the stairways at places like Sripada, Mihintale, Sigiriya and Sithulpawwa.

This is because our ancestors’ feet collided hundreds of thousands of times on those stairs.“I will submit to a Cabinet Memorandum to ban a number of polythene and plastic products that are harmful not only to our environment but also to human health,”the Minister said.


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