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Jayampathy says his privacy infringed

Raising a privilege issue in Parliament yesterday, United National Party National List MP Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne said his privacy had been infringed upon by the reporting of a private conversation on Sirasa TV after a press briefing on January 22. “What happened that day was that our party convened a press briefing to reveal the future actions of the United Socialist Front which had nothing to do with the Constitution composition process.

Nothing we said during the press briefing was mentioned, but instead a personal conversation between us after the press briefing ended, had been recorded and telecast by Sirasa with pictures and the audio with subtitles for greater clarity. The report said that Lal Wijenayake, myself and several others had held a media briefing and after the press briefing we were discussing further plans for discussions, and played the audio of our private conversation.”

However, he said they were not meeting to discuss anything about the Constitution but as customary, their party members were planning a meet up and have a meal together. “Some of us do consume alcohol and as Sama Samaja members we do enjoy a good meal and drinks. In fact, I even told them to off the microphones.

Then Lal Wijenayake said we will finish the Politbureau Meeting at around 6.30 and after that those who wanted drinks, to have it there and that he would organise dinner.

This is a personal matter. But, these are reported by the media which is a very bad thing. They had referred to us as those involved in the Constitution drafting process and that the people are watching us. However, our entertainment had nothing to do with the Constitutional process and our private conversation had been distorted and reported,” he said, adding that it is an invasion of their privacy.

He noted that ironically, there is no body to complain about such television channels. “In the case of newspapers, at least there is the Press Complaints Commission where complaints could be made. But there is no such body for the regulation of television stations. This is an infringement of our privacy as it was a private conversation. This channel has violated our privacy and distorted the whole incident in a deliberate attempt to tarnish our reputation.” Therefore, he requested the Speaker to take action regarding this matter.

In response, the Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri said he would notify the Speaker regarding this issue.


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