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Underworld gangster shoots himself during police raid


 An underworld gangster allegedly involved in a number of murders, intimidation and extortion, committed suicide by shooting himself during a joint operation  launched by the Negombo Law Enforcement Unit and Police Special Task Force yesterday

Police conducted a raid on information that Mannikkuge Sumith Dayaratne alias Podi Sagara had arrived at the house of his paramour at Kumbukgete, Pahala Medagama in Gokarella.

When the police team reached the house, Sagara allegedly shot himself in the head twice.

Sagara residing at Bodhiraja Mawatha, Madhuwa, Katunayake led a luxurious life from the money earned from illegal means, police said. Police received information that a number of leading businessmen in Katunayake and Negombo left the area as they were harassed by Sagara. Kurunegala Chief Magistrate Geethani Wijesinghe who visited the scene ordered police to send the body to the Kurunegala Judicial Medical Officer for a post-mortem. Police said Sagra is wanted for a series of murders and drug trafficking.

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