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Lest we forget

by Gayan Abeykoon
May 13, 2024 1:00 am 0 comment

Two years have passed since certain foreign and local elements launched so-called well-planned `Aragalaya’ (Struggle) in the name of `System Change’ to engineer a `Regime Change’ in Sri Lanka. Today there is a country called Sri Lanka on the world map because of one person and he is the current President Ranil Wickremesinghe. If not, today Sri Lanka would have been a second Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. We still survive because of the timely and brave actions taken by   President Wickremesinghe to save the country from total anarchy.

There is no point of talking about the kilometers-long queues for fuel, gas, milk powder, etc and long power cuts because they are all gone now. There are no more LP Gas cylinder explosions either. The huge mystery is why no Sri Lankan questions why gas cylinders exploded just before the Aragalaya was launched and why no such explosions occur now. But as usual, it seems that Sri Lankans remember everything only for two weeks and thereafter they forget everything en masse.

The most pathetic situation is, if Sri Lankans forget things within two weeks, they will end up in another `trap’ soon and this time they will not be able to walk out from that trap that easily as they did in July 2022 simple because there will not be a Parliament or a President to take care of them by then. The people will be forced to take care of themselves. This is the bitter truth that each and every Sri Lankan should not forget at least until they walk out from this gravest financial crisis in the country’s history.

By now almost all Opposition political parties are trying their best to mislead the public with various fabricated stories and even fabricated `incidents’ to catch the attention of the people and sling mud on the current leader and his Government. It seems some elements have already extended their fullest support towards those evil strategies. Maybe some of them are Public Servants who hold key positions in various State institutions. The best example for this is visible right now.

The entire country knows very well that the G.C.E. Ordinary Level (O/L) Examination is going on till May 15. Today is May 13. How many strikes have been launched by Public Servants during the past seven days? Some strikes are still going on. Don’t they have children who sit for this examination? Why do they strike now? Why cannot they refrain from striking just for two weeks from May 6 to May 15? Do any Sri Lankans see these strikes as normal? The one and only answer is ‘no’. Unlike in the days before May 2022, Sri Lankans see things very clearly now. Now they will come into the streets against strikers and `anarchy makers’ and not against the current leader and his Government. Now they can very clearly identify and also differentiate between traitors and heroes.

Now Sri Lankans use social media wisely and with consciousness. That is why they notice how so-called Aragalaya activists go to jail one by one for various crimes such as money scams, frauds, drug trafficking, murder, rape etc. Regardless of how much they scream to the media while being taken to the Black Maria, the people do not believe them any longer. Wearing black or white, shedding crocodile tears for the ‘suffering people’, accusing the current leader and his Government for various things and pointing out fabricated acts of corruption will not work anymore. Sri Lankan people cannot be misled now.

The group most shaken by this unexpected `new development’ is the very same group which organised and led the so-called ‘Aragalaya’. Now they are desperately searching for new tactics to mislead the voters. But their task is not that easy because by now Sri Lankan people have become intelligent enough to see the biases that stand behind some ‘Fact Checkers’. Now people check facts themselves by contacting relations, friends etc who are in the actual place, situation, connected to the incident etc. Now they know how to check qualifications etc by simply calling the relevant institution or just visiting the website of the relevant institution.

The best example for this situation described above has been given by one minor political party. They have done a complete U turn in connection with their policies and allies. Their great foreign enemies of the past have now become their best friends and they even talk about doing ‘joint venture businesses’ with them now. The Ambassadors of their past great enemies meet them now and take them on tours to their countries. Now they are building their `structure’ according to the direction in which the creeper goes.

This reminds us of the adage that “one can fool some people all of the time, all people some of the time but not all people all of the time”. People have woken up about the dirty machinations of certain groups that are hell-bent on destroying the stability that has been achieved over the past two years. Their attempts at destabilising the country must be nipped in the bud.


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