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Couple leave infant alone in Galaha estate room

Police probe whether they left country as stated:

by malinga
February 24, 2024 1:05 am 0 comment

Police are investigating an incident in which a young couple who came to live temporarily in a room in Loolkandura Estate in Galaha left their five month old infant alone at home and went abroad.

The couple, who are said to be residents of Vakarai, Batticaloa, had moved in temporarily into a line room on the estate about two weeks ago. According to the Police, there is a doubt as to whether the old woman who had given them shelter is really their relative and the reason is that the old woman in question is suffering from a mental illness. Knowing that the old woman was suffering from a mental illness, the Police suspect that the couple had come to the house temporarily with the intention of leaving the child there and going abroad.

According to information given by the young couple to the estate administration, they are both 21 years old.Day before yesterday (22) they had contacted a resident of one of the lines room

and said that they are going abroad and requested that the child in the room be handed over to someone and should be taken care of by someone.

Later, he had informed the estate administration in this regard.The child had been admitted to Deltota Hospital by the family health worker of the estate. Medical Officer Health of the Galaha Delthota Hospital Kapila Atapattu said that the child was referred to Peradeniya Hospital as the hospital does not have breastfeeding facilities.He had also taken steps to inform the Central Provincial Health Director and the Kandy District Regional Health Director in this regard.

Subsequent to informing the Galaha Police about the incident,the police have commenced a special investigation.The mobile phone the child’s parents had been using had stopped working after 3 pm day before yesterday (22).Police suspect whether the child’s mother and father had actually gone abroad or if they were hiding the fact that they are still in the country.

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