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Sri Lanka assures India of its security interests

by malinga
February 24, 2024 1:11 am 0 comment

New Delhi: Sri Lanka has reiterated its commitment to not allow its land to be used by any third country to jeopardise India’s security concerns.

On the sidelines of the ongoing ninth edition of the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi, Sri Lanka’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Tharaka Balasuriya, stated, “India should not be worried about security concerns. We recognise India’s growing stature and we will not allow any third party or country to compromise India’s security.Through honest and candid exchange of views, we can overcome any problem.”

Balasuriya said that it has a special relationship with India, which is due to a civilizational connection. He said, “If you read ‘Mahavamsa’, [then you will know that] the people of Sri Lanka came from India. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and Buddhism came from India.It is much stronger – like a big-brother and small-brother relationship between two countries.”

However, Balasuriya highlighted the importance of China as a major trading partner “China is an important trading partner, as are the other countries. If you look at most of our exports, they go to Europe and the United States.So,they are also important trading partners.”

Comparing the trade between India and China and the trade between Sri Lanka and China, Balasuriya said, “If you look at the amount of trade that India does with China and ours with China is very small. Sri Lanka is a very small country, and we don’t have any huge international political ambitions. But we want to do trade with countries and ensure that the people of Sri Lanka will benefit.”

Balasuriya also expressed his country’s gratitude to India for New Delhi’s aid to Sri Lanka in the time of economic crisis in 2023. He said, “We didn’t have fuel, we didn’t have gas and medicine then India stepped in in a big way with a $4.5 billion loan, which helped Sri Lanka with the essentials at that time.”

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