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AIE China Scholarships offers students Int’l opportunities

by malinga
January 17, 2024 1:00 am 0 comment

Arosha Jayasundera and Kosala Wickremanayke felicitating student

The Asian Institute of Excellence (AIE) which offers China  Scholarships to students, has expanded its operations to send students  to more universities in China.

Prior to COVID, they had tied up with one Polytechnic only  and had sent students to study there, since late 2023, they have formed a  partnership with a much larger Agent in China.

Today, students will be able to access around 70 top  universities in China. These colleges offer a range of subjects varying  from economics, tourism. AI, IT, Arts, Agriculture and Biomedical  sciences.

Students need to have good scores, on average over GPA of  3.3 on a 4 point scale (80 point GPA on a 100 point scale) to win a  scholarship. These scholarships can even include a monthly allowance as  well as covering the tuition and accommodation fees.

The universities offering the scholarships are situated in  various areas of China and depending on what subject the student  studies, the appropriate university is selected. The service of finding  scholarships for students comes with a very reasonable fee, most of  which is paid only when the student receives the Offer Letters from the  Universities by mid 2024. Currently China Scholarships will be available  for students for the September 2024 intake.


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