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ComBank unveils new features to ‘eSlip’ app

by malinga
January 12, 2024 1:05 am 0 comment

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has unveiled a series of new features to the Bank’s ‘eSlip’ app, the first app of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Intended to promote sustainability through the power of digital banking, the eSlip app enables customers to streamline the cash deposit process by completing the deposit form electronically on the phone while on their way to abranch. On arrival, the customers can proceed directly to the cash counter to deposit funds into their own accounts or the accounts of other Commercial Bank customers.

The new features activated in this latest upgrade make over-the-counter cash deposits faster and easier, enhancing convenience for customers as well as counter staff and including them in an innovation-driven green-future initiative, the Bank said.

A new ID document verification feature enables the app to check NIC numbers to verify whether a customer has an existing relationship with the bank.However, maintaining an account with Commercial Bank is not a must to use this app.

The introduction of an ‘eSlip Groups’ feature makes it possible for users of the app to create groups of up to ten eSlips under a single QR code. This feature brings convenience to customers who need to make deposits to multiple accounts under a single QR code, the Bank said.

Another new feature enables eSlip users to generate PDF receipts of all completed eSlip transactions and share them across mobile device-supported social media channels such as WhatsApp, Email and Viber.

The Bank said the upgraded app retains compatibility with the old eSlip format, ensuring that all previously completed eSlips in the old app are available in the new app for users to access and share them as needed.

The eSlip app is designed for paper-free cash and cheque deposits into current or savings accounts at Commercial Bank of Ceylon. It enables customers to create electronic deposits on their smart phones in respect of cash and cheque deposits.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store and is operable in English, Sinhala and Tamil and is compatible with both Android and iOS powered smartphones and devices. It completely eliminates the paper and envelopes used in the standard deposit process.

Catering to a clientele that is environment-conscious, the app also helps save time, as customers can digitally fill their e-slips on the app for cash deposits or capture an image of the cheque after crossing the reverse with the words ‘Com e-Cheque’ for cheque deposits before arriving at the Bank. Depositors can also conveniently maintain a record of all their deposits in one place on the app, without the hassle of filing the receipts of their bank slips.

The eSlip app provides users the facility of verifying the account numbers of recipients before making deposits and categorising each deposit according to purpose for convenient tracking and retrieval.

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