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Govt. working hard to get country out of economic crisis – PM

“Our exams should be transformed in order to overcome challenges”

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January 2, 2024 1:05 am 0 comment

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunewardena said that the Government has taken the responsibility to get the country out of its turmoil. Further, he said that the system of exams should be transformed into exams that can overcome new challenges. The Prime Minister expressed these views while participating in the event of vesting the new post office at Rukmalgama, Pannipitiya to the public on Saturday (30).

The Prime Minister stated, “The wealth of experience of the elderly should be bequeathed to the future generation. We have the responsibility to dedicate ourselves to uplift their welfare, progress and health. Community boards, libraries, mobile services in the area can implement programmes to make the lives of the elderly more entertaining and healthy.

Greater work can be done by the unity of the people than by a Government. As the Government, we hope to increase the amount of resources that can be provided for new programmes of innovative ideas through the Municipal Councils and Provincial Councils in the field of Local Government. This is a very challenging period for us to live. It should be expressed very humbly. Economically, Sri Lanka has confronted with a tougher period than it was four to five years ago. We admit it as a Government. The country was paralyzed. Under the current President, I assumed the office of Prime Minister to get the country out of its turmoil. Subsequently, the people can democratically form a Government that is loyal to them.

There was a time when you couldn’t find a gas cylinder, there was a time when traffic was stuck without oil. Still Sri Lanka is a country that imports crude oil and refines it. According to the new oil industry created by China and India, we will be able to provide the oil refined in our country for the consumption of the people of Sri Lanka. There was a food crisis last year. Farmers supported a new effort to re-cultivate land. A cultivation battle was carried out throughout the country. Agriculture in Sri Lanka proved that we can be self-sufficient in terms of food production. Accordingly, an international recognition has been built up on behalf of our country that we can stand up again.

The payment of salaries to Government employees was an uncertain situation then. There was a period of uncertainty whether we would be able to pay the pension of our elders. We did not miss any of that. We won those challenges. Likewise, expenditure of the country should be reduced. In particular, waste can be reduced and those resources can be used for the development of the country.

When electricity is produced by importing oil, the cost is high. Hydropower can produce more electricity at a lower cost. Today the electricity bill is being talked about all over the country. In the discussions of the Government, as the Prime Minister, we say that more projects which can be carried out through hydro-electricity and solar power should be implemented. Everyone should pay more attention to reduce the electricity bill. We need to think anew. Our exams should be transformed into exams that can overcome new challenges. Through that, we can entrust the future of our country to a new generation that is closer to development.

MP Yadamini Gunawardena, former Provincial Council members Upali Kodikara, Kanti Kodikara, Colombo District’s Government Agent K. G. Wijesiri, Maharagama Divisional Secretary Dilrukshi Walpola and local residents participated in this event.

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