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Thirty-five percent of adult males in SL drink alcohol

by malinga
November 11, 2023 1:10 am 0 comment

Thirty-five percent of the male population over 18 uses alcohol, according to the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre – Sri Lanka (ADIC Sri Lanka).

The centre states that the per capita alcohol consumption in Sri Lanka is 4.3 litres and the per capita alcohol consumption of the people who consume alcohol is 18.9 litres.

Among the types of alcohol used, arrack is the most consumed type of alcohol, followed by beer, the centre says, but the use of kasippu is not more than 10 percent of those who use alcohol.

ADIC said that poor families spend about one-third of their income on alcohol, beer, and illicit liquor.

The centre stated that if the country’s income is to be increased, the tax on alcohol should be increased and thereby enable people’s standard of living to increase.

The centre stated further that the government should not be deceived by the unscientific arguments made to reduce the price of alcohol and increase sales outlets by saying that the government will not be able to obtain taxes due to the increase in illicit liquor.

According to ADIC, illicit liquor consumption should be eliminated and the institutions that exist for eliminating them should be strengthened.

Nuwan Kodikara

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