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Theft at Ambalantota DS office

Burglar had inside knowledge, Police say

by Gayan Abeykoon
September 29, 2023 1:18 am 0 comment

According to preliminary police investigations, it had become apparent that the individual who carried out the robbery of more than Rs. 1.9 million at the Ambalantota Divisional Secretariat had inside knowledge of the office and its safe.

For, the burglar was aware of the fact that there was such a large amount of money in the safe and he also knew that two keys were required to open the safe and was also very well aware of where the two keys were kept.

The police said that the theft had taken place sometime when the Secretariat was closed, that is, between 4.30 pm and 8.00 am the next day.

Although the exact time of the theft has not been disclosed, the police said that the thief had entered the office by breaking a glass door. The safe had been in the accounts section. The two keys required to open it had been in the possession of two officers. The safe cannot be opened without both keys. Investigations have revealed that the two officers concerned do not take the keys to the safe to their homes but keep them in safe places inside the office.

The police found that the person who committed this theft had taken the keys from where they were hidden and opened the safe. A senior police officer said that the fact that the thief knew exactly where the keys were, and that the thief was aware that there were two keys, as well as the fact that the thief knew that there was so much money in the safe, showed that the theft had been carried out by someone who knew all of these facts.

The Divisional Secretariat had informed the police that the amount stolen after opening the safe is Rs.1,912,148.50. It was an office worker had complained to the police about this theft.

The police have also questioned the security officer of the Divisional Secretariat at length regarding this theft. The officers in charge of the safe have also been questioned and their statements have been recorded.

When an inquiry was made, Hambantota District Secretary H.P. Sumanasekara said in response that it is not possible to keep this amount of money in the office safe.

The District Secretary also said that a separate investigation will be conducted at the institutional level regarding the keeping of such a large amount of money in the office safe and the theft, as money should be banked daily.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe and Sanath Gamage Lunama Group Corr.

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