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Kurunegala Surgeon reprimanded over theatre fracas

by malinga
September 27, 2023 1:05 am 0 comment

Kurunegala Magistrate and Additional District Magistrate Bandula Gunaratne ordered that a surgeon in Kurunegala who was charged

before the Court in connection with an incident of hitting a nurse with a scissor and injuring her in an operating theater of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital was found guilty of that charge.

Chief Magistrate Bandula Gunaratne, who convicted the accused surgeon, said that surgeons should not work in anger and rage. Chief Magistrate Gunaratne said that they should do their duties with discipline and restraint.

The Magistrate informed the complainant nurse after passing the verdict that if necessary, it is possible to file a case before the District Court to demand compensation from the defendant surgeon.

The Kurunegala Headquarters Police had filed a case before the Chief Magistrate’s Court, using Section 314 of the Penal Code, against the accused surgeon for assaulting and injuring a nurse working in the same operating room, on or around March 12, 2019, in an operating theater of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital.

At the time when this surgeon committed this crime, two doctors and nurses who worked in the relevant operating theater of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital were named as witnesses in this case.

In a background where all those witnesses had given evidence in favor of the defendant surgeon, it is special that the Court charged the surgeon with the charges against him.

This verdict was announced by convicting the defendant surgeon considering the forensic report given by the Court judge regarding the nurse who was assaulted by the surgeon and the evidence given by the complainant nurse and the arguments made by senior attorney Keerthi Dunusinghe who advocated for the rights of the nurse and the evidence of the Police officers.

Upali Ananda Karunadasa

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