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Seal Tills in all temples, devales – Ven. Rahula

by Gayan Abeykoon
September 25, 2023 1:23 am 0 comment

National Namal Uyana founder, Ven.Vanavasi Rahula Thera said tills in all temples and devales should be sealed immediately.

He also emphasised that the President should take immediate steps in this regard and that the Auditor General and the Buddhist Affairs Department must carry out a comprehensive audit of the aid received by temples and shrines.

Pointing out that security officers, drivers and women are the administrators of tills in many temples, Ven. Rahula Thera said using all that money for personal use is a national crime.

He said that due to the exploitation of the donations given by the donors, no development takes place in any temples and devales.

He pointed out that no one knows what happens to the donations or money.

Ven. Rahula Thera also pointed out that there was a strong need to preserve Buddhism in this era by revising the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance and bringing the Sanghadhikarana Act according to the needs of the time and holding a Dharma Sanghayana.

He questioned that the kings of those days sacrificed hundreds of thousands of acres to temples with absolute good faith and what would be the situation if those kings were there today.

Rakshana Sriyantha

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