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Youth must be empowered for country’s sake – US Ambassador

by Gayan Abeykoon
September 25, 2023 1:19 am 0 comment

US Ambassador Julie Chung stressed the importance of recognising and empowering the youth as country’s future.

She added that the youth as torchbearers of tomorrow should also ensure that their voice echoes in every corner of the country.

She was of the view that all should be ambitious about economic and political stability and building innovation. “Let us all be ambitious about safeguarding democracy and systemic change against corruption,” the Ambassador added.

“Stability should not come at the sacrifice of the values of freedom of expression, whether through peaceful protest, expression through the arts, or through social media”, she added.

Speaking at the national ceremony to mark the International Peace Day in Maharagama, the ambassador added that the United States remains committed to a shared vision for the future – a world that is open, free, prosperous, and secure.

“A world where individuals are living in peace, free in their daily lives, and can shape their own futures, their communities, their countries through democratic processes including timely, free and fair elections,”she said.

Divisions and challenges to peace occur in my own country as well, but we try to acknowledge that with humility and work with resolve to address them and become “a more perfect union,” and in our work globally, our non-government organisation partners are essential to these efforts.

Chaminda Perera

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