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Court prohibits Thileepan commemoration in Colombo

by malinga
September 20, 2023 1:02 am 0 comment

The Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage yesterday issued an order prohibiting the commemoration of ‘Thileepan’, a member of the LTTE, a proscribed organisation.

The Magistrate made this order after the Police Station Officers of Fort, Kollupitiya and Kompannaveediya submitted a B Report that the Intelligence agencies had revealed that a group including Fr. Marimuttu Satyavel of the Christian Solidarity Front was planning to hold a Thileepan commemoration in Fort, Maradana, Kollupitiya or Kompannaveediya.

The Magistrate who issued this order prohibiting entry to many places including Galle Face, President’s House area, the Presidential Secretariat and Finance Ministry and ordered Police to deliver the order to those responsible. Police informed the Court that Intelligence agencies had revealed that preparations were being made to hold this commemoration in Colombo for the first time since 1987. Police informed Court that a commemoration march was organized from Trincomalee to Jaffna recently and another group clashed with them.

Police said that Intelligence agencies have revealed that this group is planning to come from Maradana Christian Solidarity Front office on motorcycles. Court was told that the participants may enter the President’s House, the Presidential Secretariat, the Finance Ministry, the Galle Face Grounds and other places and behave riotously and may cause damage to property and harm to employees working in those institutions.

Taking all the facts into account, the Magistrate issued orders prohibiting holding any events commemorating LTTE member Thileepan.

Subashini Senanayake

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