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BoardPac crosses 40 countries serving Fortune 2000 Giants

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In a remarkable journey of innovation and perseverance, Sri Lanka’s BoardPac, led by its co-Founder/Executive Director Lakmini Wijesundera, (Pictured) has achieved global recognition for providing cutting-edge technological solutions to Fortune 2000 companies across more than 40 countries. This success story serves as a testament to the potential of Sri Lankan tech firms on the global stage.

Wijesundera shared this inspiring journey during the Eng. (Dr.) Ray Wijewardene Memorial Oration – 2023 held on 8 September at the IESL, where she highlighted the incredible growth and impact her company has made in the tech industry. She emphasized the importance of Sri Lanka’s support and the country’s potential to play a significant role in the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Wijesundera revealed that BoardPac has not only served some of the world’s largest companies but has also been trusted by prestigious institutions such as Mercedes-Benz in Germany, Petronas (the 10th largest company globally), OCBC Bank of Singapore, Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Central Bank of Malaysia, stock exchanges, and top banks across various countries.

“These are not HR people or anyone in their companies; these are the chairpersons. Our product is actually used by the governor of the Central Bank and 200 of their top officials,” Wijesundera noted during her presentation.

What sets BoardPac apart is its multinational team spanning six countries. Wijesundera stressed the importance of collaboration across borders, highlighting that success on a global scale necessitates diversity and an understanding of international markets.

Wijesundera further elaborated on the significance of technological globalization for Sri Lanka. She emphasized that being at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is vital for the country’s economic growth and competitiveness.

“The earlier adopters have a chance to lead and become developed countries. If they miss it, they risk falling behind,” she explained.

Highlighting the key pillars of this revolution—artificial intelligence, IoT, and sustainability—Wijesundera emphasized that Sri Lanka possesses the youth, education, and internet infrastructure necessary to excel in these areas. She commended the country’s commitment to becoming an early adopter.

The presentation showcased BoardPac’s commitment to innovation, with a glimpse into their Innovation Center, where engineers and technologists continue to develop cutting-edge solutions. Wijesundera also discussed their focus on AI and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors, serving as an essential bridge between companies and sustainability goals.

In her closing remarks, Wijesundera expressed her pride in contributing to the growth of tech innovation in Sri Lanka, and her aspiration to see the country achieve greater heights on the global stage. She urged Sri Lanka to seize the opportunity presented by technological globalization and work collectively towards becoming a developed nation.

This remarkable success story of BoardPac serves as an inspiring example of how a Sri Lankan tech firm can achieve global recognition and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and technological progress. With the ongoing commitment to innovation and globalization, it is clear that Sri Lanka is on the path to becoming a prominent player in the global tech industry. (TP)

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