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Shooting at MP Uddika’s car

CID takes over case

by Gayan Abeykoon
September 19, 2023 1:29 am 0 comment

The investigation regarding the incident where the private vehicle of Anuradhapura District Parliamentarian Uddika Premarathne was shot at on Sunday in front of his house in Anuradhapura, has been handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on the orders of the Inspector General of Police (IGP). 

The Police say that the MP was not in the vehicle when the shooting took place. Therefore, the police say that no one was injured in this shooting.

The Police said that two bullets had hit the back seat of the car. The shooting was done with a 09 mm type pistol.

A high-ranking Police officer said that the Member of Parliament was staying near the Lahiru Stadium close to his house with some of his friends and had come home while promising his friends he will return soon.

The MP had come home in his vehicle to get something and go back to where his friends were. Several shots had been fired at the vehicle when the MP had stopped in front of his house and was walking inside.

Two police officers are also deployed to protect the MP. While the MP was staying with his friends near the stadium, the officers were at the MP’s house.

It was the MP who had driven the vehicle to the stadium and back to his home. During the investigation, it has been revealed that the two Police officers assigned to the MP were inside the MP’s house when the shooting was carried out. After the shooting, the MP had come out with the two officers. But by that time, the gunman had fled.

The Anuradhapura Police has found that a white car had stopped at the entrance to the side road where the MP’s house is located.

The Police have also received information that a person ran and got into the car after the shooting. The Police say that if the shooting was done with the intention of killing the MP or inflicting some other physical harm, it would have been done when he was near the ground or when he was coming home alone. Therefore, the police say that there are many questions regarding this shooting and that the CID is conducting investigations in this regard.

It has also been found in the investigation that there is CCTV in the MP’s house, but it is not working.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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