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“Empowering Global Business Conversations: Cogent Solutions™’ New State-of-The-art Office in Colombo Sri Lanka to Target Asia-Pacific’s Economic Titans!”

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September 11, 2023 5:00 pm 0 comment

Cogent Solutions™ has long been synonymous with groundbreaking B2B events that inspire, educate, and connect businesses across Middle East and Africa. The decision to anchor in Colombo is more than geographical; it underscores a commitment to diving deeper into the bustling economies of the Asia-Pacific region especially Australia, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

Nizam Deen Ibrahim, CEO and Founder of Cogent Solutions™, has made a remarkable impact on the Middle East’s event industry in just two years. His leadership introduced virtual, hybrid, and physical business conferences, addressing development challenges and the industry contributing over $3.56 Billion USD to Dubai’s economy. With a diverse client portfolio, Cogent Solutions™ has become a major industry player.

“Our expansion to Colombo is not merely about broadening our footprint,” CEO commented from Cogent Solutions™. “It’s about tapping into the vast potential that Asia-Pacific economies have to offer, especially those with the highest GDPs. Our Colombo office will serve as a nexus, bridging top-tier businesses from across the world and offering them unparalleled conference experiences.” Having a proven track record in organizing successful international events, Cogent Solutions™ is set to invigorate Colombo’s business landscape by empowering local talent through its business operations.

The Asia-Pacific region, already a powerhouse, continues to rise, and with its rich tapestry of cultures and economies, offers an unparalleled arena for business collaboration and growth. Recognizing this, Cogent Solutions™ is perfectly poised to cater to this dynamic market with its expertise in creating exceptional B2B platforms.

Cogent Solutions™ standout achievement is its recognition by The Global Authority on Workplace Culture as a “Great Place to Work®”. They earned the prestigious “10th Best Workplace in UAE 2023”. The company’s distinction as a Great Place to Work enhances its work environment, fostering creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity among employees. Cogent Solutions™ believes a positive work environment is vital for innovation and exceptional client experiences.

The grand opening of the Colombo office signals more than a new address; it heralds a new era. An era where Cogent Solutions™ cements its place as the orchestrator of global conversations that shape the future of business.

Journalists and partners are invited to join Cogent Solutions™ for an exclusive tour of the new premises, and to get an insider’s glimpse into the company’s vision for the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

For more details, to schedule interviews, or to RSVP for the tour, please contact [email protected]

**About Cogent Solutions™:**

Cogent Solutions™ is a visionary entity at the forefront of designing and executing illustrious B2B conferences and exhibitions. With a legacy of excellence, the company consistently curates experiences that foster collaboration, innovation, and growth. With its new strategic base in Colombo, Cogent Solutions™ is set to redefine the landscape of B2B engagements in the Asia-Pacific region.

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