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Soldier who strangled mother arrested after 8 years

The Kebithigollewa Police said that a suspect who committed a murder by strangling a woman at a house in Ayithigewewa, Kebithigollewa 8 years ago, has been taken into custody. The person who was arrested is the son of the deceased woman, W. J. C. Wijeratne who had been serving in the Second Voluntary Sri Lanka Army Services Force. He had killed his mother, Janguwage Sakunthala (50). She had been strangled to death at her

house on June 5, 2015. From that day onward, the Kebithigollewa Division Criminal Investigation Unit, had been searching for the killer, as per the instructions of Senior Superintendent of Police, Kebithigollewa, in this murder which was a mystery. Accordingly, the police had obtained statements from close relations as well as the estranged wife of this soldier.

The Kebithigollewa Division Criminal Investigation Unit which discovered, based on information received that the murderer was the woman’s own son, had informed the Commanding Officer of the Army Camp at Katunayake where the killer was serving and taken him into custody day before yesterday (25).

The suspect was scheduled to be produced before the Kebithigollewa Magistrate’s Court on March 26.

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