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Best Women Entrepreneurs in Anuradhapura selected

The Best Women Entrepreneurs being selected. Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe
The Best Women Entrepreneurs being selected. Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe

M.G.S. Iroshani Dassanayake representing the Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat Division was selected as the most outstanding and the most successful entrepreneur 2022 in the Anuradhapura District by a panel of judges led by Anuradhapura additional District Secretary Shamali Wickramaarachchi. Three entrepreneurs representing each Divisional Secretariat Jurisdiction in the Anuradhapura District were present for the competition.

The entrepreneur between 18 and 65 years of age, running a registered business or a self-employment venturewas qualified to participate in the competition. Experience in the particular field, entrepreneur training, efficiency and proficiency in the trade, number of employees in the business were included in selection criteria.

M.G.S. Iroshani Dassanayake was selected as the best of 30 competitors for the excellence exhibited by her in wood craftsmanship and creativity, Nilanthi Jayatilake who represented Galenbidunuwewa Division won the Second place in appreciation of usage of local seed varieties for multiple value added productions, while R.M. Nirmala Kumari became third for her skill in garment industry.

Head of the Judge Board, Additional District Secretary Shamila Wickramarachchi told the Daily News that the three winners would be facilitated to participate at the national level best entrepreneurs competition and the national fair to be held shortly. The Sri Lanka Women's Bureau sponsored the event. The Judges Board comprised Additional Dissect Secretary Shamia Wickramaarchchi (Chairperson) District Women Development Officer R.M.N.K. Ratnayake, Assistant Director of the National Crafts Council B.A.Gayani, District Vidatha Officer J.A.S.S .Kumari and District Carrier Guidance Officer Vijitha Padmawathi


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