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Exploring indigenous medicines and treatments must be enhanced – State Minister

Indigenous Medicines State Minister Sisira Jayakody said that exploring the traditional indigenous medicine and treatment sector in the country have been in a low-ebb. “Although we spend a colossal sum for importing western drugs and for healthcare services, only one per cent of it is allocated for promoting native medical treatments,” he added.

The State Minister was participating at a seminar recently for discussing the ways for promoting Anuradhapura District community healthcare activities at the North Central Provincial Council Auditorium.

The State Minister also said that about 350 ingredients essential for manufacturing indigenous drug varieties are being imported whereas a majority of such ingredients could be grown or processed locally. “There should be a sustainable native medicinal plants cultivation programme at Grama Niladari Divisional level with maximum community participation in gaining self sufficiency in medicinal ingredients and empowering herbs growing farmers,” he said.

“A fact finding survey should be carried out in the district for deciding the most appropriate varieties of medicinal plants to be grown at each DS Divisional level and GN Division. The Ministry will buy the herbs at a reasonable rate,” the State Minister added.

“Even though we depend on western medicines, 85 per cent of medicines being used in Europian Countries are herbal medicine," he said.

“Anuradhapura Government Agent Janaka Jayasundara said that farmers in the Anuradhapura District lack proper marketing facilities for their products. However, they must be encouraged to cultivate any crop including herbs by facilitating them with fertilizer, equipment and other essential items.

Ayurvedic Commissioner Dr. M.C.J. Abegunawardane, Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation Chairman Sagala Abewickrama, Ministry Additional Secretary Chandana Tilakaratne and Anuradhapura District Community Health Director Dr. Ananda Samaranayake were present. 

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