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Gold sovereigns go missing from Aluthkade Courts

Two molten gold bars containing 44 gold sovereigns related to two lawsuits in Aluthkade Court have gone missing. 

The clerk who acts as the custodian of the court’s case goods store has made a complaint to the Keselwatta police station on December 3 regarding this.

He says that on November 23, a person who claimed to be a constable of the Criminal Investigation Department took the two gold blocks to the Gem and Jewellery Authority for inspection.

The clerk told the police that he showed him a court order in that regard. He also recorded the name of a police officer who allegedly took the gold bars.

It is revealed that such an officer is not in the service of the Criminal Investigations Department.

The disappearance of these two gold bars was revealed when the owner of a gold bar related to one of the cases came to release it from the custody of the court. Police are investigating the incident.


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