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Teaching is‘sacred’

Education is the foundation for any human being because without a proper education, no human being can make accurate decisions for one’s life or for others. The possibility of looking at things from a different viewpoint is provided through education, especially higher education. But one should get through the Ordinary Level Examination in order to start Advanced Level studies and sit for the Advanced Level Examination.

We are talking about the 6,000 students who failed all subjects in the Ordinary Level Examination. The results were released last week. According to the results of this Ordinary Level Examination, a total of 6,000 students who sat for the examination had failed all subjects and there are four schools in the Minuwangoda Educational Zone where not a single student got through the same examination. This means, no student from those four schools qualify to study in the Advanced Level classes in any stream.

Schoolchildren do not enter school from Grade Ten but from Grade One. From Grade One, they study for ten years and only after those ten years they are allowed to sit for the Ordinary Level Examination. It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and children to achieve good results at the Ordinary Level Examination and at least achieve results which are required to qualify to follow the Advanced Level classes in any stream. But those 6,000 students cannot do so and are now compelled to re-sit the Ordinary Level Examination next year.

Maybe some of them will sit for the Ordinary Level Examination next year and get through while some others will fail once again. Some might leave school. This is the fate of some Sri Lankan schoolchildren. It is very interesting how the three responsible parties act in connection in the case of these 6,000 students. We cannot point the finger only at teachers, parents or students, although the major part of the responsibility lies with the school teachers.

Some schoolchildren are brats and they do not want to study at all. Those rich spoiled brats just waste the hard earned money of their parents on drugs, pornography, boyfriends, girlfriends etc,. Some other poor schoolchildren are compelled to join this group of 6,000 due to poverty. But we have to talk about the schoolchildren who are part of this team of 6,000 due to the negligence of their school teachers.

Then what about the parents of those 6,000 students? Maybe they are poor. Maybe they do not have time to check whether their children are actually learning or doing some other things such as using drugs and watching pornography. Maybe there are parents who do not wish to check on their children because those children are just born as a result of a biological process and nothing more than that. That is why some parents resort to killing, raping or abusing their own children.

It is very interesting to check the current situation of some of the present day school teachers. They are more interested in everything else but teaching. Even when they teach, they teach children about the importance of doing ‘Aragalaya’ and the hardships they face justifying their trade union actions. Most of the time they did this through WhatsApp groups of children created for study purposes. Now they do it in live classrooms in State schools. Since the recent past, some of them are more interested in coming to schools in other types of attire except the Saree. They are only interested in their personal well-being. They are not interested in teaching for which they get paid for.

The other thing they are worried about is their private tuition classes. Sometimes they punish poor students who do not attend their private tuition classes. They never teach in schools during school time. They do their own work or just rest in the ‘staff room’ chatting with other teachers. Most of the teachers just read the lesson and put the answers for questions on the black / white board. This practice becomes a tragedy when it comes to teaching Mathematics. The other major issue is that the majority of teachers only teach the bright (talented) students while totally ignoring all the other students who have average ability and are weak.

In State schools, students are rarely allowed to ask questions and get things clarified when they face difficulties while learning. Questioning is treated as ‘going against the teacher’ or ‘putting the teacher in a difficult situation’. Some students are promoted to the next grade without teaching them how to read and write. Then they reach Grade Ten without knowing how to read and write. Those are the students who become members of the aforementioned 6,000 students who fail the exam.

Until there is a system that is able to detect schoolchildren who are weak in their studies at Grade Six and carefully monitor their progress on a weekly basis until they sit for their Ordinary Level Examination, there will be schoolchildren who fail all subjects in the Ordinary Level Examination. It is good that at least school teachers can prevent such schoolchildren from resorting to criminal activities. In order to do this teachers should understand that their teaching profession is ‘sacred’. 

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