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Measure to increase the efficiency in public service

Govt training 100,000 public servants in ICT

Precursor of Govt vision of digitalising entire public service by 2024

In a bid to streamline the public service, the government yesterday started a special programme aiming at training 100,000 government officials in Information and Communication Technology from Kegalle District Secretariat with the participation of State Minister of Technology Kanaka Herath.

This programme is implemented under the NEXT GEN programme - a brainchild of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

State Minister Herath said that this programme is implemented as a precursor of government vision of digitalizing the entire public service by 2024.

The State Minister stressed the importance of bringing reforms to the existing education system with an objective of digitalizing the education sector. “The country should have new economic reforms, if it wants to build a digital economy”, he said.

“The main aim of this programme is to empower the entire public service with digital technology and create a speedy public service and thereby achieve economic development”, he said.

He added that steps are taken to introduce ICT subject under a new syllabus for students of the Arts stream for the GCE Advanced Level.

The President said that by 2024, all exchanges in government institutions in this country should be operated via digital technology.”Certain institutions have already begun working on this”, he said.

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