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Conspirators provoking people to the streets - Minister

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga yesterday said that a group of conspirators who can never gain power through a democratic process are in the process of reversing the country again by coming to the streets.

He stressed the need of working for the country by shedding petty political differences at his point of time.

Speaking to the media after participating in an all night pirith chanting ceremony held at the SLPP headquarters at Nelum Mawatha to mark its sixth anniversary, Ranatunga said that the issues faced by the people during the past are being addressed effectively.

“The number of tourists coming to Sri Lanka are on the increase. Where there is an increase in tourist arrivals, the economy of the country strengthens. Those who are waiting for the country’s collapse are trying their best to reverse the country’s progress”, he said. The Minister said that no one will benefit by provoking the people and bringing them to streets. “Several political parties are involved in provoking the people to achieve their narrow political agendas,” he said.

He said that these political parties show hesitation in accepting responsibilities for the country

“Those who were involved in the struggle thought that our political career will end after our houses were torched and our party will not have a political future,” he said. He added that nobody can stop us by torching our houses. We will continue our political activities with more vigour and strength.

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