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BOC inaugurates rural development initiative themed ‘BOC Gammana’

In conjunction with the 83rd anniversary, Bank of Ceylon recently inaugurated a rural development initiative under the auspices of the Bank’s Chairman Kanchana Ratwatte and General Manager K.E.D. Sumanasiri and the support of Polonnaruwa District Secretary W.A. Dharmasiri with other key officials of the bank participating.

The initiative which is named ‘BOC Gammana’ Programme commenced with ‘Tissa-amuna’, a village located in Medirigiriya area in Polonnaruwa District, as the first village to be taken up.

The programme was implemented by Consumer and Development Banking Division and the initiative is targeted at enhancing financial literacy and livelihoods of the rural population residing in underprivileged rural outskirts of the country.

BOC has structured a range of special programmes to reach these target groups and a number of programmes have already been implemented successfully.

In line with the ‘BOC Gammana’ initiative, the Bank completed several initiatives in Tissa-amuna village in order to develop communal facilities and infrastructure of the village, which includes renovation of the village tank, its road network and rehabilitation of the village temple.

In order preserve greenery of the village, BOC also commenced a tree planting programme in the surroundings of the tank.

“As our rural population represents a vital part of the core of our economy, rural development programmes play a crucial role in unleashing the true potential of this sector which would ultimately contribute to fuel the overall economic development of our nation. As the country’s leading bank and premier state-owned Bank, I believe that BOC has a special role to play towards development of the rural economy and elevating livelihoods of the rural population. In this context, I would like to stress that ‘BOC Gammana’ is a unique rural development program undertaken by BOC” stated General Manager K.E.D. Sumanasiri.

“Apart from assisting rural economies, we are confident that this program will also contribute to enhancement of financial literacy among the population and will lead to further popularization of our digital banking services in these rural areas. Especially, I am proud to state that this was the first instance that a Sri Lankan Bank pioneered a national project of this nature. During the implementation, we witnessed a keen interest among the people in ‘Tissa-amuna’ village and active participation to make this program a success. We are genuinely pleased to becomea source of strength to them. I make this an opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Chief Monk of Tissa-amunavillage, the village residents, regional administration officers and Principal of Divulankadawala President College and teachers who joined with our staff in North-Central Province to make this inaugural program a resounding success,” BOC, Deputy General Manager (Branch Operations and Development Banking)., Mr. Priyal Silva commented.

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