Ugandan ‘farmer’ ends in Negombo with cocaine | Daily News

Ugandan ‘farmer’ ends in Negombo with cocaine

Officers from the Customs Narcotics Control Division arrested an Ugandan national who swallowed cocaine capsules worth over Rs.12 million at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake on Wednesday.

Customs Media Spokesperson,  Deputy Director (Legal Affairs) Sudatta Silva said the 43 year old man had said that he works as a farmer in Uganda. He had gone from Uganda to Guinea and from there to Casablanca State and then to Doha Qatar before coming to Katunayake. Based on the suspicion, he was questioned near the exit gate of Katunayake Airport and later when he was directed to an airport scanner, it was revealed that he had swallowed cocaine in his stomach. So far, 17 cocaine pills over Rs.12 million have been purged from the man. The Customs spokesman said the suspect was taken to the Negombo General Hospital, where doctors administered laxatives to remove more cocaine capsules from his stomach.



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