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Barber who tried to extort from former First Lady arrested

The Criminal Investigation Department officials on Saturday arrested a barber who has allegedly phoned former First Lady Ayoma Rajapaksa and demanded an extortion of Rs 1 million.

The CID sources said that this suspect, 37, is a resident of Salamulla in Kolonnawa and he has demanded extortion from her several times.  

He has threatened her that she will have to face a tsunami like situation in the vicinity of her house in Mirihana which is more aggressive and powerful than Galle Face protests if she fails to pay Rs one million to him.

Police said that the former First Lady had received 19 telephone calls during the first day, eight calls on the second day and three calls on the last day from the suspect.

It has been revealed that this person in question had visited the Galle Face protest sites several times.When the police arrested the suspect after locating his whereabouts, he had told the investigators that his mobile phone has gone missing for several days.When he was asked whether he made any complaint to the police regarding his phone, he had not uttered a single word.

However the CID through a technical investigation had ascertained that the phone is still in his possession. When he was questioned, he had said that he gave a call to her without knowing that she is the wife of former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

However when he started threatening her demanding money, a private secretary of the former President had told him that she was the wife of the former President. However the former First Lady had got 12 telephone calls from the suspect even after that.


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