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Remembering Kandy’s sports stalwarts Dr C.D.L. Fernando and M.E. Marikar

Those who knew Dr C.D.L. Fernando (CDL) would remember that he came to Kandy from Colombo to earn a good name; especially through his services to sports. He had begun his school career at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia and ended up at Royal College, Colombo. He played for Royal in its prestigious annual cricket Big Match against S. Thomas’.

CDL was a well-known all-rounder, an aggressive batsman, medium-pace bowler, and a top close-in fielder. His first year in cricket at Royal College was under the captaincy of George Rajapakse and in the second year he played under Vivian de Kretser. In his last year he was under the leadership of renowned Mahes Rodrigo.

Played rugby for CR & FC;

He was also the rugby Captain of Royal College; leading his team in the first Bradby Shield game in 1945. Under his captaincy the school won the first leg 3-0. But, in the second leg in Kandy, Royal ended up losing to Trinity College Kandy by 0-6. He later played rugby for the university and CR & FC; known as the Colombo Rugby and Football Club (CR&FC). C.D.L. was an epitome of a cricketer too. He played cricket for the university, for the Singhalese Sports Club (SSC) and Kandy United Sports Club. He was also a fine boxer. Though he studied in Colombo, he made a name in both sports and the field of medicine after coming here to Kandy to work.

President of Kandy Sports Club

He became a top sports administrator and promoter. The special feature in his involvement in sports was that his fairness and integrity were never ever questioned. He was also a sports benefactor, philanthropist, and above all, a true gentleman. CDL was the President of the Kandy Association Football League for over a decade and was the President of the famous Kandy Sports Club during 1978-79.

He was also the president of Kandy Boxing, Volleyball, Softball cricket, Lawn Tennis, Cue sport and gave his best. He was also a fine cueist and played with the great M.J.M. Lafir. He was also a top lawn tennis player with Kandy Lawn Club.

In 1978, under his presidency, Kandy SC entered Clifford Cup finals after a lapse of nine years. When he was the President of the Kandy District Cricket Association (KDCA), several international Test cricket matches were played in Kandy – at the Asgiriya Stadium. He passed away on 22 September 1987.

Marikar-first Sylvestrian to play top-notch club cricket

M.E. Marikar was the first Sylvestrian to play top-notch club cricket. He was also a top footballer, hockey player, athlete, boxer, and cadet. It is worth to mention here that he was a well-known sports promoter and sports journalist and writer too.

Fine Stubbs Shield boxer

He was a fine medium-pace bowler and a hard-hitting middle-order batsman.

Better known as “Mariks” among his friends, he was considered a household name at his prime as a writer and journalist. He was a fine Stubbs Shield boxer too. After leaving St. Sylvester’s College, he played club cricket. During his days, St. Sylvester’s didn’t have a cricket team, he took up cricket after leaving school and played for Kandy United SC, Central Province Up-Country, Moors SC, Government services XI.

Marikar played football in a big way and represented the Young Stars Sports Club, Green Field Sports Club, Kandy’s Young Members Muslim Association (YMMA), Up Country, Saunders SC and Government Service.

He led the Government Services football team in 1956 and later served in the second Sinha Regiment of Sri Lanka Army.

Subsequently Marikar took up journalism from 1962 to 1997. He used his pen –simply said– to tell the country what was happening in Kandy.He passed away on September 19, 1997.

CDL and ME are no more, but their memories in the sporting field will remain forever etched in the minds of all those who knew them.

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