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ASPI crosses 10,000 mark

Colombo bourse continued the upward trend yesterday refreshing ASPI over 10,000 mark with the participation of mainly foreign and local investors. Thus, All-Share Price Index increased by 87.9 points (+0.9%) to close at 10,001.2 for the day whilst S&P SL20 Index also increased by 31.3 points (+1.0%) to close at 3,231.2. Lanka IOC, Sampath Bank,

Hemas Holdings, Royal Ceramics and Browns Investments remained as the top positive contributors to the ASPI during the day. Further, broader market’s total turnover stood at Rs. 4,607.7 mn against the 12-month average daily turnover of Rs. 4,108.7 mn, whilst the volume traded for the day was 112,574.5k against the 12-month average daily volume of 193,684.6k. Capital Goods and Banks mostly contributed to yesterday’s turnover.

Additionally, Cargo Boat Development, Guardian Capital Partners, Eastern Merchant, Nation Lanka Finance and Asia Siyaka Commodities were the top price gainers yesterday whilst Abans Finance, Alliance Finance, Bogala Graphite, Laugfs Gas (Non-Voting) and Abans Electricals were the top price losers. Further, Browns Investments, SMB Leasing (Voting), Asia Siyaka Commodities, First Capital and Expolanka Holdings and were amongst the most actively traded stocks yesterday.

The top turnover generators for yesterday were Expolanka Holdings Rs. 478.2 bn (-1.0%), Lanka IOC Rs.355.6 mn (0.0%), ACL Cables Rs. 302.5 mn (+5.7%), Royal Ceramics Rs. 225.8 mn (+4.1), and Lankem Developments Rs. 223.9 mn (+4.1%). Foreigners recorded a net inflow of Rs. 324.7 mn yesterday. 

Foreign purchases stood at Rs. 357.8 bn whilst total foreign sales amounted to Rs.33.1 mn. Top foreign buying counters EXPO LKR. 318.4 mn, CARE LKR. 4.6 mn, HAYL LKR. 3.9 mn, SAMP LKR. 3.0 mn, JKH LKR. 2.2 mn and NDB LKR. 1.6 mn whilst top foreign selling counters were CFLB LKR. (5.9) mn, BIL LKR. (4.1) mn, ABL LKR. (1.8) mn, ASIY LKR. (1.7) mn, RICH LKR. (1.4) mn and EMER LKR. (1.3) mn.

Further, off-board transactions were witnessed in Expolanka Holdings (Rs.273.6 mn), Sunshine Holdings (Rs.72.0 mn), Lankem Developments (Rs.41.3 mn), Richard Pieris (Rs.32.5 mn) and Alumex (Rs.32.1 mn) yesterday.



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