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Reduction in fish prices recorded

The prices of many types of fish in the Peliyagoda fish market have decreased in the last few days.

The bulk price of 1,000 rupees per kilogramme for tuna has come down to 500 rupees, Mackerel fish from 1,000 rupees to 600 rupees a kilogramme, a kilogramme of Sadinella from 800 rupees to 400 rupees and sprats from 600 rupees to 400 rupees, Peliyagoda Fish Trader’s Association Secretary Jayantha Cooray said. 

He said that the increase in the number of fishermen heading to the sea has led to a significant harvest of fish due to the fact that the fuel problem of the fishermen has been solved to some extent. Cooray also said that if the government offers a fuel subsidy to the fishermen, they can get more fish harvest than this.


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