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Urban Development Authority introduces One-Stop-Shop

The Urban Development Authority (UDA) will introduce a one-stop-shop regionally to facilitate private entrepreneurs who have submitted development permits for approval. This new methodology will be introduced next November.

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that it will be possible to get all necessary approvals for development permits quickly from one place for the private sector.

The primary objective of introducing the one-stop shop is to attract more investment by reducing the time in approving the development permits and simplifying the whole process.

The Minister also said that it will be possible to reduce fraud and corruption by increasing transparency in the whole process. The system will provide a facility for high-ranking officials to monitor it anytime.

The system will also forward the applications for the approval of other relevant institutions necessary for the development permits. One-stop-shop has been established by including 33 institutions and a Scope Committee has been established to represent and monitor all these institutions. The Scope Committee will give the final approval for the development permits.

He also said that attention is focused on implementing development projects using the minimum amount of State money next year. This year the UDA has implemented 208 projects by spending Rs.3264 million from the treasury. In addition, five projects worth Rs.10,158 million have been implemented this year with UDA funds.


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