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Second elephant death in 14 days at Minipe

The second death due to a wild elephant attack in the past 14 days was reported from the Yodha Ela Irrigation Zone of Minipe on Wednesday.

The elephant attack took place in the village of Kotella Pitiya in the Batumulla village of the Udawela area which is located on the road between Minipe Hasalaka and Hettipola Wilgamuwa. A 59-year-old resident of this village named Yapa Mudianselage Rambanda died in the elephant attack.

Rambanda, a father of four died on Wednesday while undergoing treatment. He had joined a group of villagers to chase away an elephant who had encroached the village.

Previously, on August 28, it was reported that a girl who was taking alms to the village temple to bestow merit on her brother was attacked by a wild elephant and died in the village of Gangeyaya, belonging to the 5-Ela farming colony in Minipe Hasalaka.

The victim was Pallekumburegedera Anuththara Indunil Kumarasiri, a 16-year-old Yeal 11 student of Keenapalassa Girls Scchool, Hasalaka, Minipe.


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