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Con man takes bus drivers for a ride in Elpitiya

Walks away with a mobile phone of another

A man has duped several bus owners for Rs.90,300 promising to arrange transport for a school trip in a Elpitiya school.

Elpitiya police said that a complaint has been received about an individual who had prepared three private buses to take children to visit ta biscuit factory in Ratmalana from a major school in Elpitiya town and had taken Rs.90,300 from the bus owners to get the needed fuel.

This person had come to the Elpitiya bus station and told an employee to find three buses to take a group of schoolchildren to Colombo. Accordingly, he had introduced the drivers of three private buses to this person. This person also had a vehicle key in his hand and he told this group that he is the bus driver of that school.

Then this person had gone to the school with one of the drivers in a rented three-wheeler in the city and wrote the numbers of these three buses on a piece of paper and asked a clerk there to write them down and then indicated that he would be meeting the school principal.

Accordingly, the three buses had been given three boards named 1, 2, 3 and a roll of tape to stick them on the buses.

Since it is a problem to get fuel for these buses to go on trips these days, he had said that he can get the fuel from the Ambalangoda depot. For that, he had obtained Rs.60,200 from the owner of two of the buses and a sum of Rs. 30,100 from the other bus owner and left for Ambalangoda in the same three-wheeler taking cans required to bring back fuel in.

He had told the driver of the three-wheeler that he wanted to send a fax message to the factory the school children were going to visit and he wanted to convey a phone message and left the three-wheeler close to a communication center at Wathugedera. He had also asked for the driver’s mobile phone saying that there was no money in his own phone.

Since this person who got down from the three-wheeler did not come back, the three-wheeler driver came back and filed a complaint with the Elpitiya police.

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