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SJB Kegalle Organiser to be charged for murder

Remanded till September 16

The Police have decided to consider the future investigation regarding the death of a young woman shot in the office of Samagi Jana Balawegaya Kegalle district organizer, Lakshman Dissanayake in Kalugalle as a murder.

The SJB organizer who was remanded in connection with the murder on Thursday was ordered to be remanded till September 16 on being produced before Kegalle Magistrate Wasana Nawaratne yesterday.

That is because the investigating officers have found that the death was a murder from the research evidence received so far.

Dr. Samantha Wijeratne, forensic medical officer of Kegalle General Hospital, informed the police after a post-mortem examination of her death that the death was either a self-inflicted gunshot wound or a shoot out.

Focusing on that, the police have decided to present the suspect Lakshman Dissanayake to court on charges of murder.Police said that the firearm that shot the young woman has also been sent for an examination for fingerprints. Police also say that the suspect Lakshman Dissanayake has made contradictory statements regarding this death. He has said that about 15 minutes after the girl entered the room, a gunshot was heard and when he went and checked, she was found shot dead on the bed. But when checking the security camera data of that office, it has been found that Lakshman Dissanayake had been the first to enter the room.

A senior police officer mentioned that the deceased girl entered the room and after about 14 minutes, Lakshman Dissanayake had rushed out frantically, washed his hands and made a phone

call to someone.

From the investigations conducted so far, it appears that this shooting took place after an argument between Lakshman Dissanayake and the girl. Police suspect that the firearm probably belongs to Lakshman Dissanayake.

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