CJ appoints Trial-at-Bar to hear heroin case | Daily News

CJ appoints Trial-at-Bar to hear heroin case

Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya had appointed a Trial-at-Bar at the Colombo High Court to hear the case filed against five accused

by the Attorney General for trafficking 198 kilos of heroin. Upon the request made by Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratham, a special Trial-at-Bar Bench has been appointed by the Chief Justice to try the case against five accused who were arrested on the high seas while bringing 198 kilos of drugs to Sri Lanka for smuggling.

Colombo High Court Judge Adithya Patabendige has been appointed as the presiding Judge of the panel while High Court Judges Manjula Thilakaratne and Mahen Weeraman have been appointed as the other members of the Judge panel. The Attorney General had filed indictments against the five accused on charges of trafficking and possessing for importing 198 kilos of heroin to Sri Lanka.


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