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Ambalangoda Urban Council Chairman resigns

Aruna Pradeep (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna - SLPP), Chairman of Ambalangoda Urban Council, has resigned from his position, Southern Province Governor Willie Gamage disclosed.

The Governor said that Aruna Pradeep tendered his resignation on Tuesday (August 30) stating the he would resign from the post with effect from September 1.

The Urban Council Chairman had twice failed to get council budget sanctioned at the council and vide an order delivered by High Court regarding a case filed by the council members. He had been ordered to get a vote from the council over his annual financial statement.

However, he had been in the post of chairman for over two years without taking a vote for the budget, which led the Governor to summon him to the Governor’s Secretariat and requesting him to resign, the Governor made further clarifications regarding the incident.

The Governor further stated that following the resignation of the Chairman of the Urban Council, the Deputy Chairman would be appointed as Chairman.


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