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Coca-Cola welcomes the US Ambassador in Biyagama

Coca-Cola hosted the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie J. Chung for a factory tour in Biyagama recently.

Coca-Cola has invested in the future of its business, demonstrating long-term commitment to Sri Lanka by investing as much as US$ 100+ million over the past two decades. The company’s economic value creation has helped to create over thousands of jobs in the local workforce to benefit the economy, in addition to the 80,000+ trade outlet vendors that generates revenue from the sale of beverages.

Further, Coca-Cola has gone beyond providing beverage options by initiating several successful public and private partnerships with a total investment of hundreds of millions of rupees for Sustainability Initiatives in Sri Lanka under their four pillars for ‘A World Without Waste’, Water Stewardship, Well-being of Local Communities and Climate Action.


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