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Creative Software celebrates 22 years

 The Creative Software team
The Creative Software team

Creative Software, a global technology enabler and pioneer in Sri Lanka’s tech industry for over 22 years, has maintained a steady progress supported by strengthening performance across its overall businesses, while collectively managing 700+ technology professionals under its brand.

Accelerating its growth, the company celebrates over two decades of success in building and managing high-performance and agile software development teams and continues to influence millions of consumers worldwide through its global partnerships.

Creative Software has over the two decades, helped organisations build, innovate and optimise their software suites with Sri Lanka’s highly skilled talent. From insights to development, Creative Software takes an industry-agnostic approach and offers a comprehensive tech stack and domain knowledge to deliver innovations at speed and scale globally.

The company leverages the expertise of its in-house technology and subject specialists with extensive domain knowledge in diverse industries, including healthcare, construction, oil and gas, marine, logistics, manufacturing, retail, finance, travel and hospitality, education and more.

A recent survey powered by Culture Amp has put Creative Software among the top 25% of global technology organisations in the SME category, and 96% of its employees also stated that they would recommend the company to peers. This affirms the organisation’s commitment to facilitate an evolving culture built by its people with their experiences over the years - where employees feel valued and respected; find their work meaningful and their ideas heard.

As a globally renowned technology company powering longstanding clients, the organisational culture plays a pivotal role when delivering the best blend of tech expertise. With emphasis placed on work-life harmony, the company enables an open, flexible and hybrid work culture with many benefits to improve the quality of life of its employees. Creative Software also continues to strengthen the local economy by bringing in crucial foreign exchange and increasing the nation’s GDP while minimising brain drain during these unprecedented times. The focus has always been to explore the untapped potential of Sri Lankan tech talent through industry-academia partnerships, outreach, and mentorship programmes with both public and private sector universities.



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