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Female Jailor arrested for swallowing pills at checkpoint

Police Special Task Force (STF) officers attached to the Welikada Prison arrested a female Jailor with several pills in her possession at the Prison entrance checkpoint on Tuesday (16) evening, STF said.

According to the STF, the suspect had attempted to swallow the pills at the checkpoint when the STF officers recovered them in her possession.

However, the STF Sergeant (Female) Athulathmudali (1929) and the team who was on duty had been able to prevent the suspect from swallowing the pills and had arrested her.

The suspect is attached to the women’s section of the Welikada Prison. During the interrogation the suspect had told the STF officers that she was taking medicine for several illnesses, but had brought the pills inside mistakenly.The pills have been referred to the Prison Medical Officer to identify if they are narcotic pills or prescribed by a medical officer to the suspect.

Prison officers have launched an investigation against the arrested.

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