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PM presents Budget Appropriation (Amendment) Bill

Allocations increased for several heads:

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena presented the Budget Appropriation (Amendment) Bill for the next four months to the House yesterday (9).

Heads of the President, Defence, Education and Health have been increased.

The allocation for the Defence Ministry has been increased by Rs.3.76 billion. Health Ministry allocation has been increased by Rs. 248,069,998,000 of both recurrent and capital expenditures.

Rs.682,728,000,000 has been allocated for recurrent expenditure for Public administration as per the appropriation account. A sum of Rs. 212, 808,260,000 has been allocated for the Public Security Ministry.

Rs. 9.3 billion has been allocated for the Trade,Commerce and Food Security Ministry while

Rs. 467,208,833, 000 has been allocated for the Finance Economic Stabilization and National Policies Ministry and Rs.138,560,485,000 has been allocated for agriculture.

A date to debate the Bill will be fixed at the next parliament business committee meeting.


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