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Lanka to attract billionaires for motivational Workshops hosted by Guy Rosenberg

Guy Rosenberg with Bar Baruch - Israeli Racing Driver
Guy Rosenberg with Bar Baruch - Israeli Racing Driver

Opening a new chapter in Sri Lankan MICE Tourism segment, Israel born globally acclaimed motivational trainer with Buddhism as his main theme, Guy Regev Rosenberg has selected Sri Lanka to host his next mind building and motivational workshop at the end of the year.

A unique feature of his workshops which range from three days to three weeks and are held regularly all over the world is that they are patronized by billionaire businessmen, professionals and sportsmen all over the world.

Popularly known world over as Guy he has spent several years living in thick jungles of Sri Lanka, Cambodia and India in Buddhist temples and monasteries learning the ethics of Buddhism to incorporate them into his workshops.

“In addition I have also visited Japan and Korea and learnt the ancient martial arts and Ninja techniques which too have been put into my motivational lectures,” he told ‘Daily News Business’ in a special interview.

Guy Rosenberg in Sri Lanka

He said that he had been visiting Sri Lanka on many occasions firstly as a tourist and he fell in love with the country, Buddhism and mainly people and has a genuine desire to help Sri Lanka.

“This is why I decided to bring and host some of my Global workshops in Sri Lanka which will firstly bring in dollars to the county through their spending and secondly and most importantly expose Sri Lanka to their future investment plans.”

Asked if the present economic climate is not a hindrance to host a world class event of this magnitude and if billionaire businessmen would like to visit Sri Lanka he answered in the negative.”

“They are not common tourists but people who travel in their own private jets and also are not day to day travelers but would be staying in Buddhist temples, monasteries and country situation does to matter to them.”

Guy offers his services to individuals and teams involved in high-pressure environments, from industrious businessmen to ambitious stockbrokers, top professionals and to air traffic controllers to competitive sporting athletes. Some of Guy’s high profile clients host billionaires all over the world, GT3 racing driver Bar Baruch, elite level judoka and sambo competitor Alice Schlesinger, professional basketball player Murphy Holloway and Sri Lankan racing sensation Dilantha Malagamuwa.

Guy breaks down his technique into a direct approach of observing, identifying and directing the brain’s resources towards one specific task at hand that people wish to master. It is a fulfilling practice that guides one in self-restraint, neutralizing distractions, sharpening thoughts and stabilizing concentration.

Guy’s trainings are customized to suit each individual and offer a list of incomparable benefits that include improved concentration, handling of failure, overcoming fear and anxiety, and most importantly the control of physical attributes via a highly accept mind such as controlled heart rate. “These need direct one to one contact and hence I don’t believe on ‘online’ format.”

He also said that once his international program is over at the end of the year he will open his program to the local corporate sector.

Now based in Weligama Sri Lanka Guy has also engaged in a series of CSR activities financially assisting Buddhist temples and rural forks. “I don’t believe in providing money to people but assist them by purchasing their items like fruit and vegetables in bulk from village fairs at a higher rate and provide them free of charge to the needy.”

“I am also hoping to totally build and fund a Buddhist center in Baddegama which will house monks over the age of 70 providing them with accommodation and total medical care. This project has already commenced.” (SS)



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